Tuesday, August 25, 2009

trying to remember what i know i'll forget

So it's the night before I'm leaving and I still feel like I have a lot of little stuff to pack and get ready before I leave tomorrow. I am sure no matter how hard I try, I will without a doubt think of something I wish I had brought as I'm sitting on the plane halfway across the Atlantic. It always happens. I'm leaving around 1:30 for the Philly airport, and my flight is scheduled to take off at 6 tomorrow evening. I am hoping everything will go smoothly and I'll be able to get SOME sleep on the 11.5 hour flight to Germany. I can never, ever sleep on planes so I'm taking some Dramamine and trying a new strategy of getting up really early so I'm tired by the time I'm on board. Whether this works or not is yet to be seen, haha. As much as I would loooove to go to bed right now I know I will be happy when I can actually fall asleep for more than 20 minutes at a time when they turn the lights off and I'm the only person wide awake.

I also learned several things from my Parisian Charles de Gaulle disaster from last year. 1. Print out a map of the airport beforehand so I have some semblance of direction. Signs do not necessarily take you where they say they do. Paris, I'm looking at you. 2. Don't be fooled by the pregnant woman at the end of the moving sidewalks who asks for Euros. Sorry, I do not have any but I am sure your baby will be just fine. 3. Double check my departure gate. Last time I sat at the wrong gate for 2 hours before thankfully checking with info and to my dismay, finding out that the wizards at CDG and Air France had changed my gate number. So hopefully all of these things will make my stopover in Frankfurt easier than last time.

I'm due to arrive around 6PM Moscow time. A driver is supposed to pick me up at Domodedovo and drive me straight to what I am sure will be Svetlana's strikingly beautiful apartment. Not sure how long the drive will be but I probably won't get to Svetlana's until pretty late. I am definitely excited to meet her, and anyone else who I might be living with, but nervous too just because I don't want to be inadvertently rude or anything like that. I am sure she will be very nice though, haha. I have no confirmation but I am hoping, hoping, hoping that she speaks English decently, which I have a feeling she must. But oh well, I guess surprises are fun.

Sooo I guess that's it for tonight. I am going to finish up a few more things and then probably go to bed and get up between 6 and 7. I will try and update this as soon as possible once I find a reliable internet connection in Russia, be it at Sveta's or elsewhere. Eventually I'm going to try and post some pictures too, once I get the hang of both my new camera and this blog. Most likely they will be on facebook before they are on here, though. Until then До свидания!



  1. can't waittt for you to meet sveta. lol.

  2. Demu,
    OMG. The great white communist north. and east.

    Just remember the peanut butter cups and you will be fine. And at least you know what to say when you get to Sveta's...

    Eta kracuvia komnata!

  3. i didn't even know you had one! haha